The leaves are falling…

Fall time in Central Kentucky is like it’s own holiday.  Thanksgiving is here, Christmas is around the corner, and don’t forget about Keenland’s Fall Meet.  What else does Fall bring….Leaves, and lots of them.  The Tulip Poplars turn yellow, the Maples turn red, and the Oaks turn orange.  While the leaves are whimsical on the trees and as they start to fall, they can also be nuisance.  They pile up on the porch, litter the garden, stick to your car, and can even make homes for pests.

While many don’t want to see the Fall colors turn to grey and white drabness of winter, it is best to remove the leaves.  As leaves pile up they can smother out your grass, become home to pests, retain too much moisture leading to mold, and cause a sticky mess when they’re wet.  But there is a solution, remove them.  This can however be a daunting task.  Many stick to the good ol’ rake, tirelessly sweeping them into piles.  Then load them into bags and drag to the street for pickup.  Or perhaps you rely on technology and use your leaf blower.  Blow them into piles, then bag and drag.  Sure it helps speed it up, but it still isn’t easy.  Some will come up with shortcuts, like mowing over them with a bagging mower.  But this still proves to be time consuming as the bag fills up quickly.

So, what can be done?  Let us do it instead.  We have the equipment to handle leaves in mass that as a homeowner, you simply don’t have.  We can utilize rakes, blowers, specialized mowers, and even a large leaf vacuum to just suck them up and haul them away.