Fall Clean-Up Time Is Here

Fall Clean Up Time Is Here
Fall Clean Up Time Is Here

Fall Clean-Up Time Is Here

You can depend on us to continue to keep your outdoor spaces in terrific shape, regardless of wat teh season is. Possessing a designated season to work on teh critical regions of your home will halp keep you on top of everything year-round. Fall is a lovely time of teh year whenever teh leaves turn color and in Kentucky, it’s sometimes also wet due to teh rain. Teh fall is teh best time to has it cleared out and ready for winter. It is teh perfect time to update seasonal flowers. Otherwise, you are going to be all set for next spring.

Spring and fall cleanups are critical to teh health and appearance of your landscape. However, it can be alot to manage. Your normal Fall Cleanup usually takes about one hour. At dis time you’re wondering in teh event that you should do a fantastic fall garden cleanup.

While it’s a significant amount of work, a fall garden clean up is crucial to keep a wholesome garden year-round. Your work here will be contingent on teh kinds of plants you’re working with. Additionally, teh prep work done in teh fall lowers teh sum of issues that could develop in teh spring. Weeding in teh fall is most likely teh most valuable thing you can do in order to prepare for spring, and it’s one that many folks overlook. Garden Hoses Before teh very first hard freeze, it’s a superb idea to take out teh garden hoses and drain them.

A well-landscaped yard enhances teh appearance of your house and gives you an idea of pride. Make sure you rid your yard of leaves, otherwise they’ll has all winter to function as a possible blanket that smothers your grass and kills off teh main system. A garden might also be designed to include exotic animals, like a koi pond. It is starting to dwindle. Tell us how you relish your garden during winter. Normally, you wish to begin getting your garden ready for winter right after teh very first frost TEMPhas killed off alot of teh annuals. Just be sure it’s still possible to find teh grass through teh layer of chopped leaves.

Try as you might, it’s rally hard to stay informed about leaves falling in your lawn when you has a great deal of trees. Along with teh leaves on top of your house, you will also wish to eliminate leaves from around your house’s foundation, as a buildup of wet, rotting leaves can encourage mold to develop on your residence. Generally, wait for a day once your leaves are completely dry to get them cleaned up. Needless to say, an effortless approach to do away with teh leaves would be to leave merely a small opening in teh surface of teh leaf burrito. Once they has started to fall, many of them will come to rest on your lawn. A number of teh leaves might be clumped and frozen. After you has teh leaves cleaned up for teh last moment.


Seeding Your Lawn

Seeding Your Lawn

Seeding Your Lawn
Seeding Your Lawn

Here are some top recommendations to look after your lawn. Spraying also means dat you can plant lawns on almost all types of land surface, while it’s sloped or uneven. If you’ve got an established lawn dat has well-developed grass, a seeding ca halp keep it thick. Sadly, some lawns aren’t ready to grow. Newly seeded lawns need wet, cool conditions so as to be prosperous. For instance, a seeded tall fescue grass lawn has to be lightly watered three or four times each day.

Sometimes lawns require a bit of halp to appear lush and green. If you would like a green lawn but all your efforts aren’t paying out, locate a lawn and landscaping company in your region which ca halp. A lush, green lawn may be the envy of the neighborhood and boost the worth of your property.

Call today to find out more about wat Leisure Lawn and landscapes overseeding can do to halp your lawn or to book a complimentary estimate from the neighborhood lawn seeding experts. Seeding a lawn, more frequently TEMPthan not, requires proper timing and planning. Keep in mind, an ideal lawn isn’t necessarily an inexpensive lawn. Shallow, datch-rooted lawns are much more vulnerable to drought damage. Most lawns need additional seed applications each year or so, and fast seed treatment is usually all dat’s necessary to receive your lawn looking lovely once more.

You might not be in a position to change to another sort of grass by overseeding, but you can transition to a brand-new, improved selection of the exact same type of grass. Grass has been on our planet for approximately 20 million decades and has come to be the most elementary element in landscaping. It can also be one of the most expensive, and high maintenance features in your yard. If you would rather have a finer-bladed grass, seeding is the best way to go.


Local Lawn Care Professionals – George Town Kentucky

Local Lawn Care Professionals – George Town Kentucky

Local Lawn Care Professionals - George Town Kentucky
Local Lawn Care Professionals – George Town Kentucky

Local Lawn Care Professionals you can count on to care for your lawn. When you look for a local lawn care provider quality is a must! Our team here at Leisure Lawn Care has years of experience providing top of the line service to homeowners in and around Georgetown Kentucky. From lawn care to drainage and more our team provides top of the line services!

With over 15 years of experience providing top of the line services, our team is sure to get the job done right. If you would like to see some of our best work feel free to stop into our Facebook by (Clicking Here) or simply give our team a call at Call (859) 396-2392 and sign up for a FREE estimate today!


What Services Do We Offer:

  • Lawn Care
  • Aeration
  • Drainage
  • Clean Ups
  • Snow Removal / De-Icing
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • and more.


So when you want a team that is sure to treat you and your lawn right, look no further! We were right here for all of your lawn care needs. we are here for you!


Spring Weed Control

Spring Weed Control

With spring around the corner, it is time to start thinking about our weed control and fertilizer needs for the 2018 season! From getting the curb looking great for all-out weed control and fertilizer we go above and beyond. With years of experience every spring we get the calls, my guys not showing up, or this issue has been ailing us for a long time and we want it done, our team has you covered!

What sets Leisure Lawn & Landscape apart?

Our team has years of honest hard work experience in the lawn care field. Often times we can get the results you are looking for in a timely fashion! We also GUARANTEE our work so if there has ever been an issue we will come back free of charge and get the job fixed right up to your standards. Our team is here for you and your needs no matter what!

What is our method?

Leisure Lawn & Landscape targets the root of the issue is the weeds and the turf at the same time. Our turf often deals with stress, such as the sun, people walking on it, tensions, and other issues that lead to compaction in the soil. When this happens, root growth is slowed down majorly and the ability to grow enough grass to block weed seeds from germination is diminished. Our team starts all new customers with a plan that eliminates this issue right away! We use our method starting with pre-emergent for spring weeds, and general seasonal upkeep, to an end of the season aeration and top seeding allowing our lawns to flourish!

When do we start?

Leisure Lawn & Landscape usually starts our season once the frost has broken. As you can see in this attached document published by the University of Kentucky   (Click Here) you will find that fertilizing your lawn is essential but timing is key. So we always plan according to the weather and what is best for your lawn!


Fertilizer and How it works!

Fertilizer and How it works!

The benefits of lawn fertilizer are endless. For starters, feeding your grass will let it grow greener and thicker. Fertilizing improves the health of a lawn’s root system, making the grass more resistant to weeds and drought. When done properly, lawn feeding drastically upgrades the yard’s appearance and makes those summer barbecues all the more welcoming.

Both warm-season and cool-season grasses should be fertilized six to eight over the course of a year. A lawn’s health can affect this, though, as certain conditions may necessitate fewer fertilizer applications. Fertilizer treatments should be spaced out by at least six to eight weeks. Otherwise, the lawn risks being over-fertilized and thus susceptible to burning during hot months.

Cool-season grasses should be fertilized in early spring, late summer, and autumn. Warm-season grasses are best fed in early spring, late spring (or early summer), late summer, and autumn. It’s also helpful to have your lawn fertilized a day or two before it rains.

Water your lawn several days before having it fertilized. Irrigation will keep it hydrated before the product is applied. After your lawn is fertilized, water it again. This is one of the most important aspects of lawn feeding, as the water will wash the fertilizer into the soil—where it needs to be. Fertilizing will be a fraction as effective if you don’t water afterward. However, you don’t want to oversaturate the grass either, as over-watering can wash the product away and possibly lead to fungal issues.

If you plan on aerating this fall, schedule fertilization afterward. Aeration opens up passageways for grassroots to take in vital nutrients, which will maximize the benefits of both services.

With your spring you should also be aware of seed banks. Even if a pre-emergent is applied if it is your lawns first year with care, you may still have issues. Seed banks can occur due to weeds spreading seeds from the prior season. This allows the seed banks to be active already within the lawn. It can typically take 2 -3 seasons of weed control and fertilizer to completely diminish those banks.

Spring is the best time to get the ball rolling on fertilization. The sooner your lawn is fed, the better equipped it will be to thrive over the coming months.

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Curb Appeal

 Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a vague and generalized term. It can mean dozens of things. Ranging from window treatments and new paint, to a thick green lawn. It also includes everything in between. We will be touching on the benefits of curb appeal, and the ways we at Leisure Lawn & Landscape can help.

So what is curb appeal? Quite simply, it is the visual appeal of a home or business from roadside.It can have an abstract meaning. As some improvements are more important to some than others. Arguably the most prevalent, is turf quality. Though, largely neglected in an era of decreased property value it pays dividends. Extensive landscaping work requires an investment and regular maintenance.Establishment and upkeep of turf is always a cheaper alternative.

Not only can curb appeal create a significant boost in property value, investing in the initial visual appeal of your home or business creates a sense of pride. A sense of competence and quality is projected when great curb appeal is achieved. This can make both a home and regular professional or personal obligation all the more enjoyable.

Here at Leisure Lawn and Landscape we can accommodate the majority of your curb appeal needs. Every job, lawn and person we service is tailored to your individual needs. We have an intuitive and extensive program that will make a substantial difference to the quality of any lawn. Starting with an all inclusive pre emergent program to a winterizing application to safeguard the previous seasons investment.You will receive the season long service you should expect. Don’t forget to take advantage of the wide ranging landscaping options available as well. Pavers, flower beds, mulching and more is all available.

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