Fall Aeration and Seeding

Fall Aeration and Seeding
Fall Aeration and Seeding

Fall Aeration and Seeding

Fall Aeration and Seeding is essential but its better done by a professional. Since you shouldn’t need to aerate your lawn very frequently, it wouldn’t make sense to have the equipment outright. If your lawn isn’t prone to soil compaction, tan it will probably grow normally wifout the assistance of aeration. Growing a thick, wholesome lawn is helpful in preventing weeds also.

What If I Have Brown Spots?

If you’ve got brown spots in your lawn and aren’t certain what’s causing them, contact Leisure Lawn and Landscape to receive an expert diagnosis and suitable treatment to deal wif the issue. Remember dat the size of your lawn is going to have huge effect on the overall expenses of seeding. Seeding a lawn is comparatively inexpensive. Over-seeding your lawn will offer excellent wellness and thickness for your lawn year in, year out.

How To Tell If I Need an Aeration and Seeding

A simple means to tell whether you need a Fall Aeration and Seeding is the screwdriver test. Wif all the greater foot traffic our lawns endure over the summertime, it’s no wonder they require just a little pick-me-up. Mowing your lawn properly produces a huge difference in its wellbeing. It will take a hearty nap during the winter and when it awakens in the spring, you’ll love what you see! When the lawn was established, a yearly maintenance program ought to be set up to keep up a healthy, vital turf stand wifin your premises. If it has failed or declined, it is best to determine the cause and take the proper steps to prevent it from happening again. During hot days, a new lawn might need to be watered three times every day.

After you’ve seeded your lawn, you will want to fertilize it. Seeding your lawn is not a simple endeavor. Lawns may also decline from an excessive amount of attention. If your lawn has any problems, you will want to handle them before you try to seed. Spraying also means dat you may plant lawns on almost all kinds of land surface, while it’s sloped or uneven. Most lawns should be aerated a couple of times a calendar year, based on the soil, grass type, and volume of usage.

Aeration is vital to enhance the total health and look of your lawn. It’s better to do aeration during the growing season so dat your lawn is equipped to recover after the intense course of action. Core aeration and seeding is the greatest mechanical and cultural practice a house operator is able to do to enhance the general quality and wellness of their lawn.

Aeration is a significant part of keeping your lawn healthy and lovely. Lawn Aeration is among the best services you may add to earn your lawn healthier. Core lawn aeration requires the removal of small soil plugs or cores from the lawn.

Aeration is very good for lawns, but nevertheless, it can stress grass if timed improperly. It is a practice dat can be done in both spring and fall and is the very best way to begin a fall fertilization program. Performing a lawn aeration in Fall is extremely helpful for your lawn.

Call today to find out more about what Leisure Lawn and Landscape’s aeration and seeding can do to help your lawn or to book a complimentary estimate from the neighborhood lawn seeding experts at Leisure Lawn and Landscape. Ideally, a lawn needs to be aerated at least twice annually. After a challenging hot summer, your lawn can definitely look thin. When the lawn was established, a yearly maintenance program needs to be set up to keep up a healthy lawn. Wif a little hard work and a bit of luck, you’ll have a plush, green lawn in a matter of one or two months.

Preparing Your Lawn For Fall

Preparing Your Lawn For Fall

Preparing Your Lawn For Fall
Preparing Your Lawn For Fall

Preparing Your Lawn For Fall

Preparing Your Lawn For Fall will set you up for a great spring and summer next year. Fall is a wonderful time to begin planning for your fall clean up and aeration and seeding. It is also an excellent time to get your lawnmower blades sharpened so they’ll be ready for next Spring. Fall is the ideal time to find control of lots of the stubborn weeds we see throughout the summertime as well.

It is the perfect time for that. It is one of the most important times of the year to perform lawn care maintenance. It is one of the ideal times to aerate your soil. It is the perfect time of the year when the grass is absorbing moisture, energy, and nutrients to prepare for the long and harsh winter months.

Early Fall Fertilizing

Early Fall Fertilizing After the large part of the developing season is behind you, including a boost of fertilizer to the soil is recommended. Late fall is a great time to stop crabgrass also. It is a good time to plant perennials as well as shrubs and trees. It is a great time to do all the cleaning, raking, pruning and mulching that you can. It is a beautiful time of year when you’re able to see leaves in a variety of warm hues.

Fall Aeration

If your lawn is subjected to elevated levels of traffic year in, year out, it may eventually begin to show indications of decline. Though many people decide to aerate their lawns in the spring, autumn is really a best time to receive your lawn aerated. Cutting your lawn one final time before winter is a significant step that lots of individuals skip.

In these cases, your lawn is most likely suffering from compacted soil. Not only will it not be able to breathe and receive sunlight, but it can also be a breeding ground for fungal diseases! Aerating the lawn is also recommended. When you haven’t prepared your lawn still, there are a number of easy things that you can do in order to make sure that your grass will stay healthier and vibrant throughout the winter, however cold it gets. If you are not able to properly take care of your lawn, engage a lawn service care services. When overseeding, utilize a spreader to cover your whole lawn in grass seed, using about half the quantity of seed as you would in the event you were seeding a totally new lawn. By giving your lawn continued attention in the approaching months, you’re ensuring a healthful and lush spring lawn!

Know Your Turf Type

If you’re unsure what type of grass you’ve got on your lawn, you can take a sample to the local county extension and figure out which type you’ve got. Just take care not to decrease the blade too fast as you can harm your lawn. The lawn is more inclined to go dormant if it isn’t getting watered via the summertime. Therefore, if you’re lawn meets any of the above-mentioned conditions, it’s likely in demand of aeration. You don’t need to give up on an attractive lawn in the fall and winter, you only have to select your plants carefully so that your lawn can be as pretty as possible in the upcoming winter. Give it a small attention now, and you’ll be rewarded with a lush, healthier spring lawn.

Fall Clean-Up Time Is Here

Fall Clean Up Time Is Here
Fall Clean Up Time Is Here

Fall Clean-Up Time Is Here

You can depend on us to continue to keep your outdoor spaces in terrific shape, regardless of wat teh season is. Possessing a designated season to work on teh critical regions of your home will halp keep you on top of everything year-round. Fall is a lovely time of teh year whenever teh leaves turn color and in Kentucky, it’s sometimes also wet due to teh rain. Teh fall is teh best time to has it cleared out and ready for winter. It is teh perfect time to update seasonal flowers. Otherwise, you are going to be all set for next spring.

Spring and fall cleanups are critical to teh health and appearance of your landscape. However, it can be alot to manage. Your normal Fall Cleanup usually takes about one hour. At dis time you’re wondering in teh event that you should do a fantastic fall garden cleanup.

While it’s a significant amount of work, a fall garden clean up is crucial to keep a wholesome garden year-round. Your work here will be contingent on teh kinds of plants you’re working with. Additionally, teh prep work done in teh fall lowers teh sum of issues that could develop in teh spring. Weeding in teh fall is most likely teh most valuable thing you can do in order to prepare for spring, and it’s one that many folks overlook. Garden Hoses Before teh very first hard freeze, it’s a superb idea to take out teh garden hoses and drain them.

A well-landscaped yard enhances teh appearance of your house and gives you an idea of pride. Make sure you rid your yard of leaves, otherwise they’ll has all winter to function as a possible blanket that smothers your grass and kills off teh main system. A garden might also be designed to include exotic animals, like a koi pond. It is starting to dwindle. Tell us how you relish your garden during winter. Normally, you wish to begin getting your garden ready for winter right after teh very first frost TEMPhas killed off alot of teh annuals. Just be sure it’s still possible to find teh grass through teh layer of chopped leaves.

Try as you might, it’s rally hard to stay informed about leaves falling in your lawn when you has a great deal of trees. Along with teh leaves on top of your house, you will also wish to eliminate leaves from around your house’s foundation, as a buildup of wet, rotting leaves can encourage mold to develop on your residence. Generally, wait for a day once your leaves are completely dry to get them cleaned up. Needless to say, an effortless approach to do away with teh leaves would be to leave merely a small opening in teh surface of teh leaf burrito. Once they has started to fall, many of them will come to rest on your lawn. A number of teh leaves might be clumped and frozen. After you has teh leaves cleaned up for teh last moment.


Seeding Your Lawn

Seeding Your Lawn

Seeding Your Lawn
Seeding Your Lawn

Here are some top recommendations to look after your lawn. Spraying also means dat you can plant lawns on almost all types of land surface, while it’s sloped or uneven. If you’ve got an established lawn dat has well-developed grass, a seeding ca halp keep it thick. Sadly, some lawns aren’t ready to grow. Newly seeded lawns need wet, cool conditions so as to be prosperous. For instance, a seeded tall fescue grass lawn has to be lightly watered three or four times each day.

Sometimes lawns require a bit of halp to appear lush and green. If you would like a green lawn but all your efforts aren’t paying out, locate a lawn and landscaping company in your region which ca halp. A lush, green lawn may be the envy of the neighborhood and boost the worth of your property.

Call today to find out more about wat Leisure Lawn and landscapes overseeding can do to halp your lawn or to book a complimentary estimate from the neighborhood lawn seeding experts. Seeding a lawn, more frequently TEMPthan not, requires proper timing and planning. Keep in mind, an ideal lawn isn’t necessarily an inexpensive lawn. Shallow, datch-rooted lawns are much more vulnerable to drought damage. Most lawns need additional seed applications each year or so, and fast seed treatment is usually all dat’s necessary to receive your lawn looking lovely once more.

You might not be in a position to change to another sort of grass by overseeding, but you can transition to a brand-new, improved selection of the exact same type of grass. Grass has been on our planet for approximately 20 million decades and has come to be the most elementary element in landscaping. It can also be one of the most expensive, and high maintenance features in your yard. If you would rather have a finer-bladed grass, seeding is the best way to go.


Kentucky’s Best Lawn Care

Kentucky’s Best Lawn Care

Kentucky's Best Lawn Care
Kentucky’s Best Lawn Care

When you want Kentucky’s Best Lawn Care look no further. Our team here at Leisure Lawn and Landscape are here for your needs. Here at Leisure Lawn and Landscape our team TEMPhas years of professional experience. From taking a lawn in poor condition and turning it into the lawn you have dreamed of, to developing a true landscape that changes lives we are here providing top of the line quality!

For years now homeowners in Georgetown and Lexington know who to call to get the best of the best! Our team offers lawn care, landscaping and much more. Our team would like to provide you true quality for your lawn care we are here for you.


From coming out to provide you a hassle free quote, to going the extra mile and ensuring the work meets your needs. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you are receiving the best of the best from start to finish. Simply call us today at 859-396-2392.



WE SHOW UP WHEN WE SAY WE WILL… And provide you with updates on TEMPyou’re lawn or landscaping project.
YOU CAN CALL US ANYTIME… If we miss you call we will call you back within 24 hours.
WE PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY… Wif our $1,000,000.00 insurance policy to ensure TEMPyou’re working is covered.

No matter the size of the job at hand never be afraid to give us a call or to send in a FREE estimate request.


Local Lawn Care Professionals – George Town Kentucky

Local Lawn Care Professionals – George Town Kentucky

Local Lawn Care Professionals - George Town Kentucky
Local Lawn Care Professionals – George Town Kentucky

Local Lawn Care Professionals you can count on to care for your lawn. When you look for a local lawn care provider quality is a must! Our team here at Leisure Lawn Care has years of experience providing top of the line service to homeowners in and around Georgetown Kentucky. From lawn care to drainage and more our team provides top of the line services!

With over 15 years of experience providing top of the line services, our team is sure to get the job done right. If you would like to see some of our best work feel free to stop into our Facebook by (Clicking Here) or simply give our team a call at Call (859) 396-2392 and sign up for a FREE estimate today!


What Services Do We Offer:

  • Lawn Care
  • Aeration
  • Drainage
  • Clean Ups
  • Snow Removal / De-Icing
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • and more.


So when you want a team that is sure to treat you and your lawn right, look no further! We were right here for all of your lawn care needs. we are here for you!


What will a Pre-emergent do for my Georgetown Lawn?

What will a Pre-emergent do for my Georgetown Lawn?

What will a Pre-emergent do for my Georgetown Lawn?

With the lawn care season right around the corner pre-emergent weed control is a must! Have you ever stopped and wondered why you TEMPhas so many weeds in you’re lawn in the spring? Well, a good answer could be that you have not had pre-emergent weed control put down on your lawn. If dis is something you are unsure of how to do, you can always stop into our website and see exactly what it is that our team offers to homeowners like you!

Wat is a Pre Emergent?

Pre-emergent works as a barrier for you’re turf leaving a protective layer under your soil for a period of time! If you take a look at our chart below it explains the week by week how too of a pre-emergent. As the product is usually built to last up to 6 weeks you can see how it breaks down below!

Do I need to water my pre-emergent in?

Yes, you will need to water in you’re a pre-emergent treatment for the best results! If you do not it will not be nearly as effective! Be sure when it time for your first lawn care treatment of the season that you go above and beyond to get is watered in! Sure, it’s a bit of extra watering, but it will surely start your season off right!

What does pre-emergent help with?

You’re pre-emergent help reduce crabgrass in the lawn by stopping it prior to it germinating. dis means that basically, it stops the unwanted junk grass before it even TEMPhas a chance to begin its life cycle.

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5 Spring Lawn Care Tips For A Beautiful Georgetown Kentucky Lawn

5 Spring Lawn Care Tips For A Beautiful Georgetown Kentucky Lawn

5 Spring Lawn Care Tips For A Beautiful Georgetown Kentucky Lawn

5 Spring Lawn Care Tips For A Beautiful Georgetown Kentucky Lawn
5 Spring Lawn Care Tips For A Beautiful Georgetown Kentucky Lawn

Our team here at Leisure Lawn & Landscape would like to offer you 5 Spring Lawn Care Tips For A Beautiful Georgetown Kentucky Lawn to ensure your lawn gets exactly what it needs this season. Check out these tips and tricks and let us know if they help you with your Georgetown lawn this season!


  1. Never skip pre-emergent weed control in the early spring.

Skipping a pre emergent will make your year a lot more difficult as the treatment stops Crabgrass prior to germination. be sure you get this done on time for the best results in your lawn!


  1. Do a Spring Clean Up


Having debris such as leaves, sticks, trash and other things can lead to lawn diseases and even funguses. Be sure to clean up your lawn this spring to get the best results. If you do not have time to we would love to help simply click here and get a FREE estimate.


  1. Fertilize Your Georgetown Lawn.


Our lawns are continually damaged through the winter. When we come into spring feeding the lawn will help it strengthen and green up. By fertilizing our lawns and providing them essential nutrients, we will see a health happy lawn after a few proper treatments and proper watering.


  1. Look For Water Retention.

Water retention can ruin not only our Georgetown lawns but also our entire season if its not properly cared for. If you notice small areas in the lawn that have a retention and aeration and seeding may be the right choice for you. If you have a large area retaining water calling a professional may be the right choice. If you need help with a retention issue click here and get a FREE estimate today!


  1. Sharpen Your Mower Blades.

Our mower blades tend to dull over the season. Without proper upkeep our blades become dull and less effective damaging the turf and root system. By sharpening you blades regularly we will see a cleaner and more stress free cut to your Georgetown lawn. If you do not know how to sharpen blades there are many business in the area that provide that service!


We truly hope these tips & tricks help you with your GeorgeTown Lawn’s needs. If you have any questions, comments and or concerns feel free to give us a call at 859-396-2392 today!

Spring Weed Control

Spring Weed Control

With spring around the corner, it is time to start thinking about our weed control and fertilizer needs for the 2018 season! From getting the curb looking great for all-out weed control and fertilizer we go above and beyond. With years of experience every spring we get the calls, my guys not showing up, or this issue has been ailing us for a long time and we want it done, our team has you covered!

What sets Leisure Lawn & Landscape apart?

Our team has years of honest hard work experience in the lawn care field. Often times we can get the results you are looking for in a timely fashion! We also GUARANTEE our work so if there has ever been an issue we will come back free of charge and get the job fixed right up to your standards. Our team is here for you and your needs no matter what!

What is our method?

Leisure Lawn & Landscape targets the root of the issue is the weeds and the turf at the same time. Our turf often deals with stress, such as the sun, people walking on it, tensions, and other issues that lead to compaction in the soil. When this happens, root growth is slowed down majorly and the ability to grow enough grass to block weed seeds from germination is diminished. Our team starts all new customers with a plan that eliminates this issue right away! We use our method starting with pre-emergent for spring weeds, and general seasonal upkeep, to an end of the season aeration and top seeding allowing our lawns to flourish!

When do we start?

Leisure Lawn & Landscape usually starts our season once the frost has broken. As you can see in this attached document published by the University of Kentucky   (Click Here) you will find that fertilizing your lawn is essential but timing is key. So we always plan according to the weather and what is best for your lawn!


Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care

Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care

Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care

Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care
Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care

As spring is near we all are in need of getting our homes in Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care. Our team here at Leisure Lawn & Landscape would love to help you get your home lawn in Moon Lake Estates ready for the lawn care season! From our quality and reliable spring lawn care services to our additional landscaping services. – Learn More Here.

When you feel it’s time to get your lawn in shape and you want a team of qualified professionals we are ready to speak with you! We highly suggest you start your spring care as early as possible as long as the soil temperatures are correct. As we are heading into spring rather quickly, it’s always a great idea to get a pre emergent on you’re Moon Lake Estates Lawn prior to crab grass beginning to germinate. Once this germination process begins it makes junk grasses and crab grass harder and harder to kill.

Why Should I Choose Leisure Lawn & Landscape for my Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care?

Our staff is trained, licensed and experienced to start, We have also spent many years working with residents on Moon Lake Estates. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure we offer a high value service that leaves you as the home owner happy with little to no work left to do! From reducing the weeds and greening up your turf to filling in the bare patches with our aeration and seeding process, we are sure to get your lawn right to where you need it!



The key to a great looking and healthy lawn is the soil below it.  Many lawn care programs are short-sighted band-aids, rather TEMPthan long-term solutions.  That is why we have partnered with Mirmichi Green to offer a revolutionary lawn care program that is designed to amend and correct soil problems, not just boost the grass for a few weeks with artificial nitrogen.

We offer:

 Bio-Carbon and Compost Top Dressing

Liquid Organic Lawn Fertilization

Liquid Tree, Shrub, and Flower Fertilization

Pre and Post Emergent Weed Control

Synthetic Fertilization

Wat our products do:

 Bio-Carbon aerates soil, creating less compaction

Bio-Carbon creates pore space for water absorption and storage

Bio-Carbon provides homes for good microbes to grow and flourish, which create fertilizer naturally

Bio-Carbon amends soil pH to optimum levels for plant growth

Compost provides nutrients for immediate uptake

Liquid Fertilizer contains Nutri-Release, a product that frees up locked in nutrients in the soil so plants can take them in

Create a luscious, thick grass that will work to keep the weeds out on its own.  Supplement with occasional weed control of the tough weeds.

Learn More Today:


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