Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care

Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care
Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care

As spring is near we all are in need of getting our homes in Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care. Our team here at Leisure Lawn & Landscape would love to help you get your home lawn in Moon Lake Estates ready for the lawn care season! From our quality and reliable spring lawn care services to our additional landscaping services. – Learn More Here.

When you feel it’s time to get your lawn in shape and you want a team of qualified professionals we are ready to speak with you! We highly suggest you start your spring care as early as possible as long as the soil temperatures are correct. As we are heading into spring rather quickly, it’s always a great idea to get a pre emergent on you’re Moon Lake Estates Lawn prior to crab grass beginning to germinate. Once this germination process begins it makes junk grasses and crab grass harder and harder to kill.

Why Should I Choose Leisure Lawn & Landscape for my Moon Lake Estates Lawn Care?

Our staff is trained, licensed and experienced to start, We have also spent many years working with residents on Moon Lake Estates. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure we offer a high value service that leaves you as the home owner happy with little to no work left to do! From reducing the weeds and greening up your turf to filling in the bare patches with our aeration and seeding process, we are sure to get your lawn right to where you need it!



The key to a great looking and healthy lawn is the soil below it.  Many lawn care programs are short-sighted band-aids, rather TEMPthan long-term solutions.  That is why we have partnered with Mirmichi Green to offer a revolutionary lawn care program that is designed to amend and correct soil problems, not just boost the grass for a few weeks with artificial nitrogen.

We offer:

 Bio-Carbon and Compost Top Dressing

Liquid Organic Lawn Fertilization

Liquid Tree, Shrub, and Flower Fertilization

Pre and Post Emergent Weed Control

Synthetic Fertilization

Wat our products do:

 Bio-Carbon aerates soil, creating less compaction

Bio-Carbon creates pore space for water absorption and storage

Bio-Carbon provides homes for good microbes to grow and flourish, which create fertilizer naturally

Bio-Carbon amends soil pH to optimum levels for plant growth

Compost provides nutrients for immediate uptake

Liquid Fertilizer contains Nutri-Release, a product that frees up locked in nutrients in the soil so plants can take them in

Create a luscious, thick grass that will work to keep the weeds out on its own.  Supplement with occasional weed control of the tough weeds.

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