As the Horse Capital of the World, Lexington receives many visitors.  The first impression our visitors get is either driving past the UK farms off the highway at Newtown, the beautiful airport and neighboring Castle, or the high-end shopping center of Hamburg.  And no matter where they enter the city or end up in the city, the landscaping surrounding them affects their perception of Lexington.  From the beautiful Triangle Park fountains, the rolling green hills surrounding the city, or the numerous small businesses with picture perfect gardens.

While Lexington sure has grown a lot, it still manages to maintain it's Ole Kentucky Home feel.  Don't believe me?  Drive down Richmond Road from downtown to just before New Circle Rd., or how about a stroll through UK campus.  We as Lexingtonians sometimes fail to see the beauty of our Bluegrass turf and native Maple trees.  But our visitors, rather from across the road, across the state, or across the globe notice that first thing.

Lexington offers:

A great place for businesses, both small and large

A booming nightlife

Beautiful nature and sights

A great place to live, grow, and raise a family


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Key Benefits of the Service

Each service has it's own unique benefit, but overall these services will take your lawn and landscaping from average to extraordinary.

  Increase Curb Appeal
  Reduce Risk of Lawn Disease and Mold Growth
  Save Time and Money by Preventing Problems
  Let the Experts Do It, So You Know it is Done Right
  Set Your Lawn Apart from the Rest

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